Un Splitting Adam

“Thank you” is a simple phrase that we generally use to recognise another, beyond ourselves. However, as song is to sing, “thank” can be to think and “you” began as a word related to thou, and then “your two”, and ultimately “the royal we”. So is “thank you” really “thinking” about the “God” within ourselves?

Now that I have used the word God, and Adam in the title of this book, I want to remind those who feel that I may be a traditional creationist that I am working with the language I speak and know. A lot of the words that are used in this English language of ours are also used in traditional religious and spiritual text. Do I believe in creationism, hell yes, everyone does. We all come from something which is really nothing as the great Allan Watts would suggest.

Dualism and often multi meaning use of words began with the very first word. I feel that each word is divine, and in the world of man each word has potential to invite human thought and choice. As with everything else in life, there is good; and there is also choice that cannot be denied. Since the “word” is the chosen modality for humans to communicate, writing a book or speaking a word is the best way to manifest and share a dream. Writing a word after thinking it is the first step and then the manifestation process needs the reverberating “sound” to truly send the energy in motion.

So many books have been written on the subject of dualism and singularity that I hesitated to think I was the one who could explain this in a different way. Examining singularity however, makes each of us the one. One singular voice able to sing one song, think one thought, or choose our own, due to the fact that we are these magnificent manifesting creatures know as human or humane, who are innately philanthropic, kind, gentle, polite, learned, refined and ultimately civilized.

The point of this book is to recognise the good, or God as many would suggest, in as many words and things as I possibly can. I will be offering these words in blogs and other open source designs as I write the book. “Am I” saying this book will be filled with wisdom — “ I Am”. Do you have the same wisdom as I do within your soul — hell yeah!

So, I would like start with that word; soul, before I discuss the word Adam, which I will use as a referral to mankind. Obviously the characters came first as in A before the word Adam, or S before the word soul. And a second letter was added in each case to start to create meaning from these characters. So — the second letter of soul is an “o”, and “O” also refers to the digit before “1” which is zero or maybe the nothingness that precedes something. Yes, some of this splitting of words will be a little confusing at first, however, you will soon get my point and maybe even the point of words in the first place. As much as it becomes obvious that words were created as a way to control people, they were also created by people who have divinity ingrained in their DNA. So, back to soul. “So” is simply “what is” and if you go back further, it can be related to “himself” in an etymology dictionary. Was the creator of the word ‘so’ similarly thinking of God (or the original creator) as do those who use terms like “and so it is”, “so be it”, or the Star Trek quote “make it so”?  I think so, and even think that the creator had some help in making this word, as well as every other word that has not been distorted with dualistic meaning by man.

Now let’s add a couple more letters to “so” and create the word “soul”: the feelings, thoughts, life and will within the human which, in my mind, are the same as the one original creative consciousness. Soul is the goodness, the joy, and in modern day music, the life in a song, or the inner music prior to the vibration of energy or singing “sound” – that which is heard. Thus the spreading of this positive joyful message of life and love that lies in the heart of every man and woman on the planet; and also spreading the letters s and o into beautiful words like so-ound and so-ng.

And we can quickly move on to many more words that start with “so” and discover all kinds of related omnipresent and at the same time, collective creation meaning. So-ciety is one of these words, and a concept which I have faith in and feel has the collective understanding of oneness encoded in human genes. A so-vereign so-cial so-ciety that knows the so-urce of all power is within. So-lar energy allows us physical growth and movement; so-lving any so called problem on earth has one so-lution. A so-lution described in the many religious texts that “yes”, have a lot of wonderful words among those that have been twisted for egoic purpose. This human so-lution is the golden rule, the divine simplicity, in words like, “if your choice is not good for everyone and everything, then it is no good at all. Or, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”. Or maybe a line that I wrote myself, many years ago when I started to realise I was living in a dream and could create my own. “Consciously motivated organisational behaviour, ethically submissive to the good in yourself and ultimately respectful of nature.”  No “so” words in my phrase at the time I wrote it, when I was still trying to figure out how to Split Adam, rather than Unsplit Adam as the new title of this book suggests. And reference to “nature” rather than simply other people from a place where I personally live and breathe and respect.

Before we move on to another group of letters and discover more words, I wanted to share a thought about a couple of names that begin with so. I love the name Sofia; a name that means wisdom, or the wonderful name Socrates, which alludes to having great might. If might is wisdom, and “so” precludes so many amazing words about collective oneness, inner, and even outer power, and even the very so-il that some say man is made of, how could this little word not have been a divine gift, or at the very least a direction for us to follow.